Warragul Poultry Club Inc


Thank you to all. The shed is now full for 2019 and entries are closed.

 2018 Champion exhibitors for the year

Our annual awards for the most successful were;


Junior Rohan Verma,

Standard Steve Brown

Waterfowl Kevin Collins,

Soft feather bantam Graham Coats,

Hard feather bantam Bjorksten Family. 


Welcome to 2018

The Committee would like to encourage you to come and join us and enjoy the hobby of Poultry keeping.

The Statemant of Purpose of the WPC;

1. To further all breeds of Poultry within the Gippsland area.

2. To encourage the showing and breeding of rare breeds of Poultry.

3. To encourage Juniors to take an interest in breeding and showing poultry.


If you would like to join please use the contact page and we will send you out a Membership form. Our monthly newsletter will be sent to all members who have provided an Email address. 

2016 Champion exhibitors

Congratulations to our Champion Exhibitors for the year.

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Graham Coats  

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Bjorksten Family

Champion Waterfowl Kevin Collins

Champion Standard Kevin Collins 

Champion Junior Bronty Fraser 

Office Bearers 2017

President                             Secretary

   Ken Bjorksten        59978219                 Kevin Collins        0427 128875

Treasurer     Jim Lewis  56264263    


                 Exciting 2015- Changes are being made.

The committee of the club have decided to try and deliver more for the membership.

Trips will be organised, Guest Speakers will be engaged for Bird Days and a new Special Spring Spectacular Show is being planned.

Have a look at the new Callendar for 2015, join the progressive club and get invloved. We want to see you at the club.

We will also be catering for any member of the public with backyard chooks. Have you chooks in your backyard? Is there some facet of keeping these facinating little personalities you would like to know about? Is there a particular breed you would like to have? Come along to the club and learn more about your birds.

2014 Champion Exhibitors Decided.

 Congratulations to our Champion exhibitors;

Open Soft Feather Bantams

G Coats on 3 wins defeated;

A Harrison 1 win, Bjorksten Family 1 win, N Macfarlane 1 win,

D Johnson 1 win, K Collins 2 win,

Open Hard Feather Bantams

Bjorksten Family 5 wins defeated;

N Macfarlane 3 wins, K Collins 1 win,

Open Standard

K Collins 4 wins defeated;

D Sigmund 1 win, H Steenholdt 1 win, , Bjorksten Family 2 wins,

 G Coats 1 win

Open Waterfowl

K Collins 5 wins defeated;

K Bjorksten 1 win

Novice Standard

S Brown 3 wins

Novice S/F Bantam

 B Collins 4 wins defeated ;

L McPharlan 1 win,

Novice H/F Bantam

C&E Macfarlane 8 wins defeated;

 B Collins 1 win

Novice Waterfowl

S Pearson 2 wins defeated;

 L McPharlan 1 win

2013 Champions

Congratulations to the following on their Champion Exhibitor Status for the year;

Best Open Soft Feather Bantam Exhibitor    Graham Coates

Best Open Standard Exhibitor                        Kevin  Collins

Best Open Hard Feather Bantam Exhibitor    Bjorksten Family

Best Open Waterfowl Exhibitor                       Kevin  Collins


Best Novice Soft Feather Bantam               Bailey Collins 

Best Novice Hard Feather Bantam               Courtney & Erin Macfarlane

Best Novice Standard                               

Best Novice Waterfowl                                 Gracie Sanders

2012 Champions

Congratulations to the following on their Champion Exhibitor Status for the year;

Best Open Soft Feather Bantam Exhibitor    Graham Coates

Best Open Standard Exhibitor                     K & C Collins

Best Open Hard Feather Bantam Exhibitor    K & L Bjorksten

Best Open Waterfowl Exhibitor                     K & R Collins


Best Novice Soft Feather Bantam                N Macfarlane

Best Novice Hard Feather Bantam               C&E Macfarlane

Best Novice Standard                                H Stephens

Best Novice Waterfowl                                Johnson Family


2011 Champion Exhibitors

Our 2011 Champion Exhibitors have been decided!

In the Open Section we have a 3 way tie for the Soft Feather Bantam award.

Congratulation go to Debbie Sigmund, Graham & Lorraine Coats and Kevin Collins who all won 2 Best birds during the year. On 1 win each were Stan Russel (may he rest in peace) and Denis Knight.

The Hard Feather Bantam award was also a tie. Congratulation to Denis Knight and Ken & Lois Bjorksten on each winning 4 Bests during the year.

The Standard Bird award was won by Kevin Collins,congratulations, who won 3 best bird awards during the year. Debbie Sigmund & Wayne Peachey each won 2 best bird awards and Colin Kincaid won 1 Best bird award.

As the Waterfowl Champion Exhibitor for the year, congratulation go to Caroline & Peter Atwood who won 3 best birds for the year. Wayne Peachey won one best bird duing the year.

In our Novice section, competition was fierce with exhibitors gaining experience rapidly.

Congtatulation to our Champion Soft Feather bantam exhibitor, Katelyn Bjorksten who won 6 Best Birds during the year. Karen Simmons was able to take out 2 wins for the year. 

In the Hard Feather bantam section, congratulations go to Courtney & Erin Macfarlane who won 5 Best Birds. Ben Peachey was able to win 3 Best birds for the year.

In the Standard Section, congratulations go to Nathan Macfarlane who won 2 best birds during the year. Ann Edwards, Hilary Steenholdt, Hayden Stephens, and Isah Roche were each able to win 1 Best bird each.

In the Waterfowl section, the Johnson Family, well Darren & Emily, won 3 best birds, congratulations. Ben Peachey & M Acott each won 1 best bird.