Warragul Poultry Club Inc


Results for 2013 Annual Show

Ch Bird in Show. S FordOrpington
Res Ch. Bird in ShowMacdonald FamilyPlymouth Rock
Champion Waterfowl. W BentickMallard
Res Champ WaterfowlW BentickBuff Orp
Best  Waterfowl. LightW BentickBuff Orp
Res  Waterfowl LightW PeacheyWhite Runner Drake
Best Waterfowl HvyW PeacheyPekin
Res Waterfowl HvyW PeacheyPekin
Best Waterfowl BantamW BentickMallard
Res Waterfowl. BantamD JohnsonCall
Champion  H/F Btm.I Askew 
Res Champ H/F Btm I Askew 
Best H/F Btm.Other than OEGW PeacheyAustralian Game
Res  H/F Btm Other than OEGW BentickMod. Pile
Best H/F Btm.OEGI AskewOEG Spangle
Res H/F Btm OEGI AskewOEG Duckwing
Champion S/F Btm.Macdonald FamilyPlymouth Rock
Res Champ S/F BtmG CoatsWhite Leghorn
Best S/F Btm.LightG CoatsWhite Leghorn
Res  S/F Btm LightR McLarenBlack Leghorn
Best S/F Btm Hvy.Macdonald FamilyPlymouth Rock
Res  S/F Btm HvyW PeacheyLangshan
Campion  H/F Std.I AskewOEG Pile
Res Champ H/F Std W BentickIndian Game
Chamipon  S/F std. S FordOrpington
Res Champ S/F Std. Macdonald FamilyPlymouth Rock
Champion  JuniorB HiscockLangshan
Res Champ Junior G CustanceMallard
Wyandotte other than WhiteBjorksten Family 
Best Australorp StandK Collins 
Best Australorp BtmA Harris 
Best Aust.JuniorM Skipton 
Best WyandotteBjorksten Family 
Best Junior SF BtmB HiscockLangshan
Best Junior HF BtmC HildebrandOEG Blue Red
Best Junior W/FG CustanceMallard
Best Junior StandardC&E MacfarlaneSilky
Indian Game Lge            BestW Bentick 
No of Entries          5                             ResW Bentick 
Indian Game Btm            BestW Bentick 
No of Entries             10                       ResW Bentick 
Langshan Lge                 BestC Kincaid 
No of Entries                20                    ResW Peachey 
Langshan Btm                BestW Peachey 
No of Entries               27                     ResJ Mason 
Transylvanian Naked N Lge   BestNA 
No of Entries                                       ResNA 
Transylvanian Naked N Btm   BestN Craze 
No of Entries           5                            ResN Craze 
Campbell                         BestH & J Bradford 
No of Entries               2                        ResH&J Bradford 

Results for our 2011 Annual



Warragul Poultry Club Inc


17th July 2011

NO. OF ENTRIES Increase decrease on last year

500 entries.    Decrease on last year.

Judges; (and sections.)

Denis Dowdle  (Qld)   All Large Fowl         

Rod Lucht    (Qld)      All Soft Feather Bantams

Brad Power                 All Hard Feather Bantams     

Doris Loats                All Waterfowl

Any general comments.

Another great show. Down on numbers from the past two but the atmosphere in the shed was fantastic. Congratulations to Caroline and Peter on their win.









Ch Bird in Show.

C & P Atwood

White Indian runner duck

Res Ch. Bird in Show

I Askew

Australorp Bantam Pullet

Ch Waterfowl.

C & P Atwood

Indian Runner

Res Ch Waterfowl

W Bentick

Call AOC

Ch H/F Btm.

D & K Knight

OEG Blue Tail Wheaten Plt

Res Ch H/F Btm

C Kincaid

OEG Black Tail Wheaten Plt

Ch S/F Btm.

I Askew

Australorp Black Plt

Res Ch S/F Btm

I Askew

Langshan Black Plt

CH H/F Std.

I Askew

OEG Black Red DL Ckrl

Res Ch H/F Std

I Askew

OEG Pile hen

Ch S/F std.

I Askew

Leghorn White Plt

Res Ch S/F Std.

S Ford

Orpington Blue Ckrl

Ch Junior

Dylan Drinkwater

Stand Rhode Island Red Plt

Res Ch Junior

Katelyn Bjorksten

Wyandotte Part Btm Hen










Wyandotte other than White

Katelyn Bjorksten

Wyandotte Part. Bantam Hen


Best Silky

Debbie Sigmund

White Cock bird


Best Junior Silky

Isaiah Roch

White Cockerel


Best H/F Duckwing

Nathan Macfarlane

OEG DW Btm Hen


Best Call Duck

Wendy Bentick

Call AOC


Best Junior SF Btm

Katelyn Bjorksten

Wyandotte Part. Bantam Hen


Best Junior HF Btm

Nathan Macfarlane



Best Junior W/F

Ben Peachey

Cayuga Duckling


Best Junior Standard

Dylan Drinkwater

Rhode Island Red Plt